We feature advantageous plan of hotel of broadcast Gunma, Izu, Shinshu in TV TOKYO very much for 10/28( sat) from 12:25 p.m. to 1:23 p.m.! Hotel and others of super bargain 8,800 yen…

Indication rate of carefully selected good hotel is all rate including consumption tax.

We look for from date

Area Accommodation date
Night number The number of the rooms Number of people per one room
Night Room Adult The name
JR, Shinkansen + accommodation combination plan search In case of hotel +JR traffic combination plan application is careful

Please choose step 1 departure place.

Please choose step 2 destination, the departure date, condition.

The area Departure Date
The metropolis and districts One number of people
Area Room type
District Meal condition

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Slightly luxurious carefully selected good hotel

Successful announcement of free accommodation coupon present of October 23 is this!

With carefully selected good hotel?

  •   Only in the hotel selected carefully

    From hotel which TV TOKYO collected data on, room, dish, bath, service, all introduce hotel which admitted that evaluation is high in area. (including recommendation hotel with the future, coverage plan)

    What is carefully selected good hotel?

  •   Professional of trip participates, too

    Professionals of trip to play an active part in each media participate. We have comment that we read from professional eyes and think about suggestion of new trip together.

    What is carefully selected good hotel promotion member?