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Hotel which we introduced by data broadcasting this time is this place!
  • Middle Izu /  Yugashima

    Hotel toen

    Recommendation 12,300 Japanese yen!

    Standard plan of "Yugashima, Amagi hot spring hotel toen" with half board

  • Niigata /  Sasakura Onsen

    Sasakura Onsen dragon cloud Zhuang

    Usually 16,350 Japanese yen → 15,000 Japanese yen!

    Dish upgrading ♪ It is eating a food with great relish to original Japanese dishes of chef special approval

  • Izu /  Shimogamo Onsen

    Season one play

    Recommendation 21,600 Japanese yen!

    There are full of taste of Izu including abalone and Ise lobster!

  • Saitama /  Hanno Naguri Onsen


    Particularly with benefits 19,440 Japanese yen!

    With benefits! Participation in planning commemorative period-limited special plan!

  • Odawara, Yugawara /  Yugawara Onsen

    Village white cloud Zhuang of all ages

    Particularly with benefits 23,760 Japanese yen!

    One person is accompanied and gives "grilled sea urchin from Manazuru" & "Magocha pickles of native horse mackerel of Oda" free one

  • Gunma /  Kusatsu Onsen

    Kusatsu panoramic rooftop hotel

    Usually 24,840 Japanese yen → 19,900 Japanese yen!

    We thoroughly enjoy hot spring pouring excellent hot water of Kusatsu and Japanese banquet dishes of local production for local consumption

  • Gunma /  Shima Onsen

    Shima mountain complaint building

    Usually 19,590 Japanese yen → 15,700 Japanese yen!

    [with men's and women's attributive privilege] We enjoy open-air bath & carefully selected dish along mountain stream☆

  • Chiba, Boso /  Tianjin Kominato

    Smart hotel Horai shop

    Usually 17,900 Japanese yen → 16,800 Japanese yen!

    We give hard-boiled Boso kinmedai free for souvenir with privilege!

  • Atami /  Atami

    yutoriro Atami

    Usually 19,440 Japanese yen → 15,800 Japanese yen!

    Cooking that we were particular about is thoroughly enjoyed by local product! It is one cup of "it sprouts beautifulness Don" free service with privilege in Bar!

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Hotel recommended now

  • Tochigi / Nikko

    Pension POCO A POCO

    We can thoroughly enjoy course dish which assumed Japanese black beef direct from the field Maine!

  • Hakone / Hakoneyumoto hot spring

    Hotel Kajikaso

    Plan with benefits! We enjoy excellent hot water of Hakone in various bathtubs!

  • Hakone / Gora Onsen

    Hideaway Hakone annex now evening -koyoi- of adult

    Important one and space to relax calmly on holiday and gourmet one are hisage by meal of feelings of assent…

  • Yamanashi / Fuji Lake Kawaguchi hot spring

    Rabbi studio Fuji Lake Kawaguchi

    Mount Fuji over Lake Kawaguchi to see from room is location of superb view. It is kan by scenery proud of to the world…

  • Oita, Beppu, Yufuin / Beppu Onsen

    Hotel Beppu yuya of in all rooms detached room with open-air bath

    Original Kaiseki plan spending time in room with open-air bath

  • Chiba, Boso / Chikura hot spring

    Ginrinsou kotobuki

    For a limited time! Plan to be able to taste taste of Minami Boso [local fish sushi special course]

  • Average, Nishi-Izu, Numazu / Toi Onsen

    New sea flower bower Izumi

    Please expect ingredients of Izu by first-class cook leading total chef to original banquet dishes which you made use of.

  • Gunma / Ikaho Onsen

    Ikaho Onsen Yokote building

    We offer hospitality to dinner and breakfast by high "meal in the room" of needs very much than visitor.

  • Yamanashi / Kasugai Onsen

    Hotel Kasuga residence

    There are many repeat customers! With medical care bath "hot water of storm" much-talked-about even as for the word-of-mouth communication relaxation thyme of healing…

  • Ito, Izu Kogen / Ito

    Forest Ito of wellness

    Meal thoroughly enjoys semi-buffet which used seasonal ingredients of Ito abundantly!